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A Microsite or a Minisite is an online destination, separate from your main website, that has its own, independent URL and delivers more focused, relevant content about a specific topic, to a targeted audience or requiring a defined action.

It is often as a method of promotion by small or large companies who want to promote a targeted service or product.

Although, microsites have found a use in social networks, in the form of a "Social Landing Page". It is a space given by the Social Network so that you can  advertise your company and interact with your customers through the social activities provided.

Facebook and the other Social Networks keep on getting more and more users and this is the best time to take advantage of it.

We make interactive Facebook Pages that affect your website's traffic and help you reach a wider audience. In addition, we create a fully-detailed social profile for your company, through designing and managing your individual accounts in Youtube, Blogspot or Twitter. This is better achieved if a very carefully planned strategy is applied and a universal styling among the profiles which will, in turn, help in your company's brand awareness

Design Social Network Profile Accounts
Profile Management
Renewal of Content
Uniformity in Graphic Design among Profiles
Minisite for Facebook
Organising and Managing Social Campaigns
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