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The best way of selling your products or services is through eCommerce. It is the easiest, low-maintenance and yet affordable way of attracting new customers and expanding your sales potential.

eShop = Traffic → Sales → Growth

Online shopping lets you interact with your clients any time of the day and may give them the feeling of professionalism from your part. It shows you are dedicated to what you have to offer.

The best advantages of an eshop are:


  • It builds Customer Confidence
  • A new way of product promotion and advertisement
  • Global Sales made easy
  • Makes you company look bigger
  • Products and Services are shown at their best advantage

It is now possible to attract new clients every day just like if you had a store in the best spot. Still you have less costs, which makes you firstly increase your income and then you can spend your added budget on marketing and promotion. In addition, it gives you the opportunity to create online marketing campaigns that work and get a lot of feedback. For example, an online contest can be designed in seconds and your website makes a wondeful home for constant live adevertisement of it.

We create ecommerce websites with Joomla/Virtuemart with unique design according to your needs. Our eshops support all payment methods, they are fully Google Optimized, with fully reviews about your estore traffic.

We have longtime experience in the field of eCommerce and so we are ready to answer all of your worries and produce a solution that will make your sales go through the roof

Remember, we provide e-commerce deals that give you:

  • User-friendly checkout Interfaces
  • Easy Order and Sales Management Systems
  • Integrations with all payment gateways or offline payment support
  • 24/7 Expert Support from our Gan eCommerce Team
  • Intuitive Email Marketing
  • Coupons and Discount Services
  • B2B Capability

Now with the Quote Calculation Form you can make a budget prediction for your brand new eShop.

Our support doesn't stop here, you can contact us for any kind of question you may have or use the Live Chat when possible and we will be happy to help you.

Still want something more? We undertake your store promotion at Facebook, Twitter, YouTube etc by designing and managing all of your accounts and landing pages. We are capable of planning your Google and Facebook campaigns by making a research for your targeted keywords and make your store stand out of the competition.

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